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Magic Duster

Car Spa

We clean car at your door-step

Car cleaning involves car exterior wash and vacuuming, shampooing and steam cleaning of each and every surface of your car’s interior viz. carpets, seats (fabric or leather),head liner (inner roof top), all the vinyl panels like door panels, dashboard etc. Interior detailing deep cleans, sanitizes and freshens up your car’s ambiance giving it a new look and feel.

The interior car cleaning Process

  • All interior panels like doors, dashboard, tray etc. are sprayed with steam from a steam cleaner and then scrubbed for deep cleaning
  • Smaller details like AC vents, handles, ash trays etc. are individually cleaned using small brushes and buds
  • Steam is passed through AC ducts to sanitize them
  • Carpets and seats are dry brushed and vacuumed, cleaning all crevices, nooks and crannies
  • Carpets, seats (fabric or leather) and head liner (inner roof top) are shampooed and steam cleaned to remove all stains
  • Leather conditioning and dressing
  • Cleaning of floor mats
  • Streak free window cleaning
  • Dressing of vinyl panels
  • Air freshner
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