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Magic Duster

Bed Cleaning

Do you sleep on a bed which is full of dust? Just slap your bed to check this.

If yes, then you must be ready for a serious breathing problem.

1 gram of dust contains thousands of microscopic dust bugs. Bed also contains harmful bacteria if left uncleaned for long time.

If you have not cleaned your mattress with Vacuum Cleaner, it's right time to call Magic Duster Team who are trained and expert in removing dust and bed bugs.

We will remove dust with vacuum cleaner and remove all germs too.

Sleep well, if you work hard to earn lot of money, just spend few hundreds to sleep sound on a clean bed which is the best for your healthy lifestyle.

Why bed must be cleaned?


We spend over a third of our lives in bed. It is a fact however, that no matter how clean your home maybe, your bed will almost always contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels, all feasting on your dead skin. Dust mites are microscopic in size and feed off the dead skin cells dropped from our bodies whilst we sleep.

Dust mites are impossible to stop and inhabit even the cleanest homes. They constantly reproduce in your bed and the dead dust mites and the excrement they leave behind inhabit your bed along with the living mites. Dust mites excrete nearly twice their body weight each day. Their excrement contains a chemical called “guanine” which is found to trigger allergic reactions and health complaints such as; asthma, eczema, headaches and sneezing. They are even thought to contribute to depression and fatigue.

Having your mattress cleaned at least every three months by Magic Duster, ensures your bed, and the health of your family, is healthy by removing these dust mites from your mattress - leaving you to enjoy a healthy night sleep.

Facts About Dust Mites

Some interesting (perhaps irritating) facts about what goes on whilst you are drifting blissfully through the night.

Bed and Sleep make for a valuable contribution to your health and well-being, but did you know...

Fact 1: That there is a “life on man factor”. All human bodies support countless bacteria, up to a million per square centimetre, which in turn are transmitted to the bed clothes and hence to the bed itself.

Fact 2: That our skin constantly sheds minute scales of stale, worn out tissue, 10000 million each day, that’s about 500 gram or ½ kilo of skin per year, most of it goes into the bed as bed dust and takes the bacteria with it.

Fact 3: That we lose something ¾ litre of body moisture each night during ordinary sleep, a lot more during those nights when we are ill or excessively hot.. That’s about 5 litres per week or 29 litres per month or 260 litres per year.

Fact 4: That house dust mites live off our shed skin scales, which are infested with bacteria. They may cohabitate in our mattress for up to 170 days producing 20 faecal pellets each day. Up to 200 million dust mites may live in a double mattress.

Fact 5: That there is probably not a bed in this country, which is not colonised by dust mites. The faeces of dust mites can cause skin irritations such as eczema and hives, respiratory complaints such as coughing, bronchitis and even asthma.

Fact 6: That whilst not highly publicised, thousands of people become the victim of scabies caused by a mite found mostly in unhygienic bedding. These mites burrow beneath the skin, causing severe itching and spread quickly from person to person.

Fact 7: That bed bugs, a common infestation of beds in the “olden days”, are a growing problem again. They spread quickly and can inflict very itchy and annoying bites.

Conclusion: Mattresses cannot be washed and for all those above reasons they must be cleaned every 3 months.

Magic Duster can clean your mattresses, your pillows and duvets.

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